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Trappist Westmalle

How to serve?

Westmalle Trappist beers are complex, living beers that undergo a second fermentation in the bottle. In order to be able to taste the rich aroma we advise you to serve the Dubbel and Tripel according to the rules of the art. A few tips follow here:


1) It is best to keep the beer in a dark place at a constant temperature from 8° to 14° Celsius. Leave the bottle to rest for at least a week before serving. The yeast will then sink to the bottom and you will get a nice clear beer in your glass.

2) Serve the Trappist beer in a Westmalle goblet. This does full justice to the complex character of the beer and you can fully enjoy the rich head. Ensure that the glass is fat-free, so that the foam does not immediately disappear.

3) Hold the glass at an angle in the glass and begin pouring slowly along the side. Continue pouring in one movement and hold the glass vertically at the end in order to end in the middle. You thus get a perfect head. Leave around one centimetre of beer in the bottle. That is the yeast base. It is rich on vitamin B and has a blood-cleansing effect. It is best to drink this remaining part separately.


To your health!


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Trappist how to serve

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